I am an Austrian photographer, grown up in the most beautiful village in the world, Zell am See (yes, trust me, there is proof).

Over the past seven years I've been able to work with national and international clients, focusing on sports, event & commercial photography.

If you're interested in collaborating on your next project or need someone to get the job done, don't hesitate to contact me.

Zell am See | Salzburg | Austria

+43 664 470 43 57


Eight years of experience as a professional photographer. A total of 12 years behind the camera. I started with landscape photography at a young age and was able to gain experience in many different areas of content production. Ultimately, this led me to combine my passion for photography, sports, events and marketing.

Fast delivery of content is as important as ever. With the media reporting almost instantaneously and social media thriving on up-to-date content, fast delivery of high quality content is essential. That's why I guarantee the delivery of images immediately after an event or even during an event if required. To achieve this, I work together with trusted colleagues.

Personal experience as a photographer is, in my opinion, more important than technical knowledge. The camera is a tool that you have to know how to use, but most problems or difficulties during productions are not of a technical nature. I stand for good preparation to eliminate problems in advance, good communication before and during the production and, above all, a good atmosphere and fun at work so that everyone is satisfied with the result in the end.

My further education as a Bachelor in Management, Communication & IT and professional experience in digital marketing at one of Austria's largest agencies as well as content production at a tourism association and photo & video production at one of Austria's largest sports retailers have taught me how to work on small and large production sets and how to be problem-solving oriented.